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This blog will track the development of Vulture: a native Win32 front-end for the multi-protocol instant-messaging library libpurple, which underlies Pidgin. The project is part of Google’s Summer of Code 2009, and will be mentored by John Bailey, to both of whom I am very grateful.

There is already a port of Pidgin to Windows which works perfectly adequately for most purposes. It uses the GTK+ toolkit, however, which brings with it some problems: some minor, such as widgets looking noticeably different from native ones; others more substantial, such as the lack of support for IMEs. There are also some UI conventions used by Pidgin itself that are not often seen in Windows applications. Resolving these shortcomings is the main reason for this project’s existence.

Vulture will be written in C, using the Win32 API. There is also another Win32 libpurple UI Summer of Code project this year, being developed by Wade Fagen, which will take a higher-level approach.

The mainstay of this blog will be progress reports, with occasional articles taking a detailed look at some aspect of development. Comments are welcome.