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Midterm Progress Report

My neglect has left this place looking a little forlorn, but progress with Vulture continues apace, and more or less according to schedule. Now that we’re half-way through SoC, I thought I should remark on how things are going. Here are some screenshots to begin with:

The bare-bones functionality for chats and IMs has been implemented. The buddy list responds to people coming and going, and the status can be set from the status box.

As the screenshot of the conversation window shows, no attempt is made to render the formatting of messages: the HTML is dumped straight into a RichEdit control. This is a feature I specifically excluded from the scope of the summer project in my original application. Instead, I intend to focus on the buddy list, aiming to have it complete or nearly so by the time SoC ends in August. As a prelude to this, I have recently begun work on support for buddy icons.

I hope that I’ll get around to posting again before the end of the summer. I have some half-formed thoughts on modal loops that I’d like to commit to whatever the blogging equivalent of paper is.